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AUTOBLlTZ- MAYER in Schwaikheim is the first official business in Germany to repair COOL--Leathers.

Since 2006, technical leather in the automobile industry has had special COOL-pigments applied to it. Originating from the motorcycle clothing industry, this leather finishing technology which reflects sun rays and consequently cools leather is not only being applied to convertibles, but closed vehicles as well. The downright revolutionary qualities of leather that has had technically heavy duty COOL-pigments applied to it are known and unopposed: The indoor temperatures prove to be very comfortable, and even after heavy doses of sunlight, the leather remains pleasantly cool. As compared to normal and especially dark leather, the temperature difference can reach over 20 °C! COOL-pigments even ease the air conditioning in reaching the desired temperature. Last but not least, the process of harmful UV rays bleaching the leather is significantly weakened.

We are always happy to answer any questions that you may have about COOL-leather. You can reach us by either calling 0049-7195-135464 or emailing

Car Models with COOL-Leather

BMW Model:

With the 2006 M6 Convertible, the BMW Corporation was the first vehicle manufacturer in the auto industry to implement COOL-technology by using what they called "SunReflective Technology".

Description of the leather:
An innovation whose comfort you can clearly feel on your skin: Through SunReflective Technology, which is exclusively available from BMW, the leather does not get nearly as hot under heavy sunshine as it otherwise would. The reason for this technical sophistication is due to a special pigmentation of the leather, which repels sunlight instead of absorbing it. The outcome: When compared with regular leather, depending on the intensity of the sun, a lower surface temperature of up to 25 °C is attained.

From that time on, all new convertibles such as the BMW 3 and BMW 1 models have been outfitted with SunReflective Technology leather.

Audi Model:

With the Audi A5 convertible in April 2009 as well as the Audi S5 convertible, the Audi Corporation has begun using COOL-Technology, describing its leather as "leather seats with heat protection" to its customers. Further models' interiors are provided with this leather.

Description of the leather:
A special colour pigmentation impedes strong heating which is caused by the sun's rays. In addition, the infrared rays that are contained in the sunlight are reflected. As a result, the surface temperatures can be reduced by up to 20 degrees Celsius. All other qualities of the leather are not affected by the heat protection.

This premium technical leather is available in the series as well as the exclusive division.

COOL-Leather Care

Please refer to the care tips that are provided by the manufacturer in the handbook!

In principle, you can give all COOL-leathers a basic cleaning with mild leather cleaners. In caring for the leather, please only apply colourless leather care creams or lotions. Please do not apply any colour pigmented leather cream (such as black). Otherwise, the COOL-leather's surface is superimposed. All qualities of COOL-leather would thereby be disabled and the reflection would no longer be effective. In this case, the leather would once again become uncomfortably hot.

For any questions that you may have regarding COOL-leather care, you can reach us by either calling 0049-7195-135464 or emailing

COOL-Leather Maintenance

To this point, surface damages and blemishes to leathers that were outfitted with COOL-pigments could not subsequently be repaired. Due to the application of traditional maintenance and repair tools, the technical qualities of COOL-leathers are lost. For instance, there are creams which are intended to refresh the colour of the leather, but do not contain the technical qualities of COOL-pigments. The leather can no longer reflect the sun's rays and thereby once again heats up to uncomfortable temperatures.

Thanks to the new COOL-pigment repair process from AUTOBLITZ-MAYER, that's all over. From now on, in many cases you can pass on costly and complex leather coverings and upholstery work. Scratches, burns, discolouring, mould and UV damage to COOL-leathers can be repaired.

For any questions that you may have regarding COOL-leather repairs, you can reach us by either calling 0049-7195-135464 or emailing

Will traditional leather "convert" to COOL-leather?

We are always asked this question. Unfortunately, this is where we reach the end of our technical possibilities. For the creation of Cool leather, a special pre-treatment which we cannot retroactively carry out is required.

Nevertheless, the COOL-pigments are applicable to all traditional smooth leathers! An advantage is that the COOL-pigments are absolutely UV-stable. UV damage or colour differences that result from the sun's rays don't reveal themselves nearly as fast as with traditional pigments.

Are there COOL-synthetics?

At the moment, the development of synthetics is being worked on diligently in order to allow you to use COOL-qualities. At the moment, there is unfortunately no vehicle with an interior that contains COOL-leather and COOL-synthetics. However, the creation of them is fundamentally possible and already taking place.

Should there be such a combination, it is conceivable that the room temperature of a sealed automobile that has only had COOL-pigments applied to it would be reduced by 10 degrees.

However, this is a dream about the future and has not yet been scientifically tested. Even in such a case, synthetic repairs would only be possible with the COOL-pigment.

Conclusion: AUTOBLITZ-MAYER is bringing the distinction of being a COOL-repair business into the fast lane. However, it is not only the auto industry that will use this service. Insurers will also profit, but it will most notably be the mass of consumers and automobile lovers who gain the most - for both today as well as the future.