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Nano Coating

The nanotechnology allows us to apply a completely transparent coating onto the paintwork of the car - with benefits no polish can offer. Our in-house nano-coating is a 100% nano product. It is highly resistant to alkalis and acids. Fly muck is finally a thing of the past. The sealant is guaranteed for 2 years or 30,000km for hand washes.

The nano-structured surface allows us to achieve a long-lasting pearl effect with self-cleaning effect. Each drop that rolls off takes dirt particles from the surface of the paintwork with it (the "lotus blossom effect"). As a result, there is hardly any dirt on the surface of the paintwork whilst drying off - just a wafer-thin film that can be washed down by hand using a specialist hand shampoo.

Tar spots could not be washed away previously. This is no longer a problem using our nano-sealant. Simply wipe off by hand. Long gone are the days of nano-coated paintwork surfaces being as susceptible to scratching as other coatings.

When adhering to hygiene regulations for coating, oldtimer paintwork can be treated in such a way that it is free of waxes and polymers but need not be spruced up.

Our nano-coating is a surface coating whose paint film is not treated abrasively, but still offers surface protection. This is unique and not possible with any other coating without manifestly changing the paint's appearance.

Specific application areas:

  • for patina enthusiasts
  • for paints that do not permit any further abrasive treatment
  • for customers who do not want polishing machinery anywhere near their paintwork

Nano Coating - Examples

Nano Coating BMW M3 csl

Nano Coating BMW Z8