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Repair of Plastic Material, Vehicle Interior

Plastic material is found in the interior of all vehicles on the market today. The passenger compartment of every vehicle is fitted with a certain amount of plastic material that must withstand everyday stresses. Unfortunately, tell-tale signs of usage become noticeable quickly even for very high quality plastic material. In the past, damaged plastic material parts were usually replaced.

Nowadays we are able to save you the high expense of replacing plastic parts such as dashboards, trim panels, roof linings, etc. by repairing plastic material in the passenger compartment.

Repairing plastic materials has several benefits over the exchange of damaged components:

  • no lead-times for replacement parts and no waiting for delivery
  • saving on replacement part costs
  • saving of industrial raw materials

We are able to repair the plastic material interior of all vehicle models and are able to cater for all colour shades. We are able to give repaired areas the appearance of being "original" by matching to the old material and can also carry out colour matching and colour changing work.


Repair of leather and plastic - BMW 745 Li, 84,000 tkm