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Leather furniture

Cleaning, Care, Restoration

In addition to our range of cleaning and care products for leather furniture, we also offer customers a comprehensive repair program. Our repair products also make possible the most difficult reconditioning of damaged or stained leather furniture:

  • Removal of stains
  • Removal of mould
  • Removal of nasty odours
  • Damage to colouring
  • Bleached area (UV damage)
  • Transportation damage
  • Blots from ballpoint pens
  • Holes and surface tears
  • Patina

With many years experience working with car and furniture leather, we are able to tackle almost all problems relating to leather and to restore your leather to a state in which its value is maintained or increased. We employ a master leatherworker for irreparable damage.


Below are some examples of the conditioning and repair work carried out on old and partially damaged leather furniture and leather seats we have "brought back to life".